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Healthcare Cleaning Services of America

Healthcare facilities need specialized cleaning services - services that know CDC guidelines and how to apply them to ambulatory care. 
Healthcare Cleaning Services of America draws upon two decades of experience in the field of hospital environmental services to bring you a service provider you can trust. We are the only cleaning service provider specializing entirely in ambulatory care environmental cleaning and hygiene.  
Safe Care Equals Better Outcomes

A study posted in The Journal of the American Medical Association, followed 984 patients with community-acquired C. difficile. The study concluded that 40.7% of patients had low-level healthcare exposure defined as an outpatient physician or dental visit within the previous two-weeks.


At Healthcare Cleaning Services of America, our difference begins with our commitment to specialization. Unlike commercial cleaning services, we tailor our services to healthcare facilities and their unique environments. This affords us the opportunity to stay ahead of industry changes and provide a unique service that is committed to patient safety.

Innovative Practices, Quantifiable Results

At Healthcare Cleaning Services of America, we are dedicated to enhancing quality patient care by providing specialized services that adhere to regulatory guidelines for infection prevention. We design environmental cleaning solutions that deliver hygienically clean results that reduce pathogens in sufficient numbers to limit the transmission of disease.  


Our services provide for the planning, application, measurement, and review of cleaning practices to ensure your practice is in compliance with environmental infection prevention guidelines. Stringent cleaning protocols provide the foundation for the reduction of healthcare-acquired infections and improve patient well-being. 

High touch surace disinfection
High touch surface disinfection

High-Touch surfaces – light switches, door knobs, sink and toilet fixtures, etc. – account for 99% of the transmission of pathogens in healthcare settings.

Before and after photos illustrating levels of bioburden left behind from prior cleaning service revealed through quality testing. Photos shared with permission of practice owner. All rights reserved. 


Business Outcomes

- Reducing cost while maintaining quality services. 

- Preventing the spread of infection. 

- Managing environmental risk, keeping patients safe.

- Fostering patient experiences and engagement.


Find out how we can put our solutions to work for your practice. Contact us today for a free evaluation. 


Healthcare Cleaning Services of America values our diverse network of dedicated employees. We are always on the look-out for talented individuals who share in our passion for service and quality. We are committed to providing our associates with training, support, advancement and recognition opportunities.

Insights and Resources

Check out the latest news and resources on infection prevention and environmental hygiene in ambulatory care. Here you can browse articles and publications from some of the leading industry experts on infection prevention.

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