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Our Difference

Our Difference

At Healthcare Cleaning Services of America, we believe that all care should be safe care. Patients expect and deserve the same quality of services and experiences regardless of where care is provided. That is why many of our clients come to us frustrated with service providers that do not understand the challenges related to cleaning in healthcare, seeking industry-specific solutions and actionable results. Our success is built on providing solutions specific to the industry we serve, with results that are both measurable and backed by evidence-based practices. We are committed to doing our part to eliminate community and healthcare-acquired infections through providing hygienic, safe, and inviting atmospheres for patient care. 

Our core operating philosophy is to provide every client with "The Value of Experience". This means that every client, regardless of size, receives the same quality, depth of expertise, and attentiveness, in order to deliver maximum value.

Twenty years in healthcare support services has given us the knowledge and experience to craft programs backed by research and evidence-based practices, and tailored to the uniqueness of ambulatory care practices. Our approach to infection prevention in the environment ensures that you are receiving the highest quality of services, cutting-edge technologies, and latest innovations regardless of practice type. The knowledge, technical expertise, and professional commitment possessed by our seasoned healthcare experts has afforded our clients a high level of success in environmental infection prevention.


Our Vision

We serve clients who demand the highest standards of quality and safety for their practices. We specialize in uncovering opportunities, minimizing challenges, and maximizing best practices in infection prevention.

At Healthcare Cleaning Services of America, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing specialized industry-specific solutions, utilizing evidence based practices and science, to enhance the delivery of services to clients who demand the best for their patients. 

HCSA will be recognized as the environmental hygiene partner of choice for ambulatory care practices through educating, advocating, and innovating solutions that promote infection prevention and quality of care.


Our Values

Our success stems from a set of core operating values that guide our business practices. At all times, our values determine the way we carry out our duties and obligations. 

  1. Passion for Quality - We are passionate about delivering superior services that enhance the lives of the communities we serve. We constantly seek out new ideas, innovations and best practices that improve the delivery of infection prevention practices and lead the market in environmental hygienic solutions. 

  2. Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. We are committed to full transparency and open-communication within our industry. 

  3. Accountability - We are accountable for our actions both individually and as a team. We have a responsibility to the communities we serve to provide services that promote wellness, contribute positively to our clients, improve the lives of the patients they care for, and the industry we work in.

  4. Teamwork - We promote individuality among our associates, but recognize the value of working as a team. We value the contributions and expertise of our colleagues, and leverage individual talents to support our mission. 


What People Are Saying

I found out about Healthcare Cleaning Services of America by chance. In my career as a Practice Administrator, we have gone through several cleaning services. The companies out there did not really seem to understand healthcare, but until now, there hasn't been anyone who specializes in medical practices. We couldn't be happier with your service. Our patients noticed a difference in the first week. Not only does the office look cleaner, staff are happier, and take pride in the office. I would recommend your service to everyone. 

Quinn Davis, Practice Administrator

We were surprised to learn that not all cleaning services are familiar with how to disinfect medical practices. The staff at Healthcare Cleaning Services of America takes infection prevention seriously, which is reassuring to my nurses.  I am pleased to find a company that understands the challenges we face in healthcare, and partners with us to provide the best care for our patients. 

Dr. Edward Gerrard

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Ask us about our commitment to safer, cleaner ambulatory care practices. 

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