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Comprehensive Solutions Designed to Meet the Needs of Today's Ambulatory Care Practice

At Healthcare Cleaning Services of America, we care for your building, so you can get back to taking care of your patients. We do this by providing the most comprehensive facility support services available to ambulatory care practices. We don't accept the status quo, we challenge it; constantly seeking out new innovations, best practices and solutions to raise the bar on environmental infection prevention and hygiene, because your patients demand the very best.  

Environmental Hygiene Solutions

The healthcare environment has been identified as the third most common source of infectious agents contributing to healthcare-acquired infections. In fact, 75% of Clostridium difficile infections occur in patients recently cared for in doctor's offices, clinics, and long-term care facilities. 

Healthcare Cleaning Services of America is fully committed to providing environmentally hygienic cleaning services that improve patient outcomes in the communities we serve. Our focus on infection prevention is reflected in our use of evidence-based practices, industry-leading research, and quality monitoring. We make infection prevention easy by providing solutions that adhere to industry guidelines recommended for healthcare settings. 

Your patients trust your expertise for their health. Shouldn't you have the same confidence in your cleaning service?


Floor Maintenance

It's one of the most used adages, but let's be honest, first impressions really are everything. 

According to studies conducted in the retail industry, 99% of U.S. adults say that poor cleanliness negatively impacts their perception of a business and influences their purchasing decisions. 


Seven seconds, is all we get to make a positive first impression. Before your patients reach the reception desk, before they are greeted by your staff, they have already begun forming an opinion of the quality of care they will receive based on what they see when they walk in. The appearance of floors makes a powerful statement about the quality of services provided, the level of attention given, and how much pride staff take in their work environment.

What statement do your floors make about the quality services you provide?  

Our floor programs solve your problem through routine maintenance tasks, keeping them looking like new and extending the life expectancy of expensive floor surfaces.

Additional Services 

At HCSA, we understand that data drives performance improvement, and in the world of quality indicators, you are only as good as the data you can provide. 

That is why we also offer ATP and Dazo (Blacklight Inspection) testing to evidence the efficacy of your environmental infection prevention program, and protect your practice's reputation in the event of a suspected outbreak. 



Ask us about customized solutions for your unique practice needs. 

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